Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Healthcare for non-Americans

I was watching our lame duck give the State of the Union last night, and it sparked a little wonder in me.
It was clear from the standing applause that Bush received during the State of the Union that Republicans strongly believe that health care belongs in the individuals arena. Which makes sense, since Republicans believe in limited government.
Yet, at the same time, the Republicans strongly support foreign aid. (that is not an allusion to the war). Republicans seem adamant on the fact that increased federal funding to foreign aid is the way to go.
So please explain to me why the Republicans feel that the USA should be responsible for non-American lives? (don't get me wrong, I think that as humans, we are responsible for human rights, and therefore I agree with the foreign aid policies, but also agree in health care in the US and helping relieve the poor!, but my opinions aside..) If the ideology of the republicans is limited government, then shouldn't they also believe in limited government in foreign policy? Or rather the opposite, if they support foreign aid, then all the more so, they should support Americans, and the poor, fund equal (if not more....its the governments responsibility!) aid in the US.

food for thought...

Also to consider: I talked this point with some friends, and one interesting response was that it boosts the USA's reputation when they help foreign countries. This is true...but is it not fair to also say that a functioning strong US, with a good stable economy, and a balance of opportunities will become more formidable in global perspectives?

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Avi said...

Since I am no political scientist, and my beliefs border both communism and anarchy, I have nothing more to say than this... POLITICS SUCKS AND MAKES NO SENSE.