Monday, May 19, 2008

Wireless in the Airports

The Setting: I was coming home for the summer. My flight was scheduled to leave at 11:35. Technical difficulties...Long story short, plane leaves at 4:35.

Other Important Information: You need to pay for the wireless.

So here I am, stuck in the airport, with no internet. Putting aside the world's smallest violin, I began thinking about my predicament.

I could pay for the internet in the airport (what is it, 5-10 dollars an hour?) but i didn't want to pay that much money. I thought, if it was only a dollar then I might pay, but I wouldn't want to take out my credit card and pay a dollar over the internet.

This is where things got pretty interesting:
What if there were vending machines for the internet. You would pay a dollar get an internet code - maybe a username and password - and then you could have internet for an hour. You wouldn't have to use your credit card, and I think the vendors would make more than they would if they had a 5-10 dollar flat rate. (Because then I could have spent 2 dollars on internet, and so could the next guy who usually doesn't... etc. )


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Eitan said...

I think it is an interesting idea. A couple of thoughts:

1) The same issues of vending machines would apply. Can you get a refund if the product is "bad"? Can the machine ever run out of stock? Would you be willing to travel TO the machine to get your access, as opposed to the convenience of having it available at your seat?

2) I think you have an unnecessary complicated solution to a more simple problem. Spending money safely and easily without the burden of long complicated numbers would be ideal. Unfortunately, the technology of swiping your credit card at your own personal computer isn't feasible yet, plus, who would carry the reader when they travel?

I do think the companies make a lot of money from business people who travel enough to make the fee worthwhile. I agree that they don't take the average traveler into consideration. Plus, with people faking airport access points, giving out your credit card number is always a dangerous action to do in airports.