Thursday, October 16, 2008

YouTube Profit?

Everyone is familiar with YouTube.
I assume they make their money from the people who advertise on their website. However, I was thinking that there might be other ways for them to make money.
What if, they published a DVDof the top movies of the year, and people an buy them, without having to browse for them?

Here is what I was thinking.
-They could have 100 videos on the DVD.
-People would buy it to know what the top 100 videos were of the year. (kind of like how people buy pop cultural magazines
- copyright issues? No sweat, have people who add their movies agree to let their movies be used for YouTube purposes. And give them a stipend for their movies. give them 10 cents for every DVD sold with their movie on it. That is only 10 dollar per DVDfor YouTube ( 10 cents for all 100 movies.) If they sell 10, then the makers of the movie make a dollar. That seems advantageous...
-the series can sell for 20 dollars. That way YouTube gets 10 dollars in profit minus the cost of creating and selling. Can't imagine it being more than 10 dollars per DVD.

I think that in this new digital age, there are so many possibilities which have not been thought up of yet. There is a lot of potential here. Maybe not this idea, but another one.

I'm sure facebook could make some money too. Like being able to buy photo albums? Get a book of all your wall posts...etc. I might consider paying money for that. And if I might, then someone else most definately will...

What are your thoughts on this marketing idea for YouTube?
Thoughts on Facebook?
Thoughts on digital age?

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