Monday, December 22, 2008

Who was the first person to...

I often wonder how certain things were discovered; especially things related to foods. For example, imagine the first person who baked bread. He must have seen some grain, ground it up, added water, and then tried to cook it.
This is remarkable considering that if I saw some grass-like grain growing out of the grown, I would either step on it, or put it in my mouth and pretend I am from the South.
How did he do it?
Or consider the first person who discovered sugar. Look up the process, its complicated.
Truth be told, I can understand carrots. Some person picked a tree, and saw orange roots, and disregarding what they know about poisonous things and the color orange, stuck it in his mouth and noticed that their eye sight improved ever so slightly...
It makes you wonder how we have these simple things that we have today...
think about it

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