Monday, January 11, 2010

Computers From the Past

Think about all the components of the computer that have lost their significance and meaning over time.
The Keyboard
- Think about the Escape key. Escape. Now that is a word that makes you feel stuck in a program and you need to close the program. Today however, we use that key to do very little. Besides ESCAPING from a full screen video, I never use that key.
- What about the function keys. F4 and F5 I used often, but the other 10? Nope never never.
- The insert Key. Please. When do I ever type and want insert on. Whereas the escape key can sit there and not cause problems, the insert key is a pain all around. When that key is accidentally pressed, your essay or blog post will never be the same as it used to be...
-Scroll Lock?!?!

The Mouse
- Now that the mouse has scroll wheels, why include scroll bar buttons on the sides of windows? OK, so some people might not have them, and sometimes the wheels arn't accurate, but it still makes you think how redundant some features of computers are.

Other Things
- Why is the save icon a floppy disc. I bet there are people who don't even know what those are. At least printers still look like printers.
- Do you have any other thoughts?

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Yoni said...

Macs don't have scroll lock or an insert key.

It would be interesting to make new keys on a keyboard. Like keys that type common words or suffixes in one stroke (like an "and" key or an "ing" key).