Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Text Messages are not IMs

Perhaps this experience has happened to you:

You get the simple text: "Hey, what's up?" Now, you obviously respond: "nm, whats up?" but you really want to say: "Thanks for wasting a text."
Then they respond: "I have a qusetion for you"
OK, two texts in, and still you don't have any information.
Then they ask the question, you respond, and then they have a follow up, so you respond again. Then they thank you.
They have sent you five, you have sent four back and you are now 9 text messages shorter than you were before.

I think that this happens because of IM technology. People become use to the ease of sending a gazillion messages a second on a computer and they translate those tendencies into phone texts. The fact that they have unlimited text messages doesn't help either.

Still, there is a much more efficient way. If you want a conversation, just call. If you can't call, then don't have a conversation. Ask the question and use all 160 characters, get the response and then be merry. If you need a follow up then that is OK. But 4 is much better than 10.

Since text messages are still new, the etiquette for their use is still under construction. Hopefully, by the end of the decade, we will have figured it out.
What other technological ettiquette are we still constructing?
Think about it!

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Anonymous said...

The death of spelling in texts!