Monday, February 22, 2010

The News

Everyone complains that journalists sentimentalize news stories. However, news networks still have good ratings and everyone still watches the news. Knowing that what they see should be taken with a grain of salt, viewers continue to encourage sentimentalized reporting.
Think about the alternative: People stop watching news networks that demonstrate bias. Instead they opt for new coverage that is fair and controls for misrepresentation and other socio-cultural errors. These news stories would be less engaging and people would stop watching.
This accounts for why people continue to watch highly biased networks (well the news network of your choice that best fits your own news outlook) and still complain that the media is unfair and weighted.
Circular logic at its best. - wanting the best of both worlds...
Ever wonder?

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Rabbi Randall Konigsburg said...

I think that people watch the news that supports their own personal point of view. They like what they hear and want to hear more. When they watch a news show that is biased against what they want to hear, they yell and scream that it is biased, but they don't claim bias when they are hearing what they want to hear.