Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Self Reflection

You may also have had this experience.
As a kid, you know every facet of your room. You know all the cracks in the roof, where the carpet is loose from the wall, the patterns in the wood of your furniture and even the creaks and squeaks of your door. OK, you might not have known these exact specific things, but you did know the unique facets of your room/house that really made it your house.
I find that as we get older we stop paying attention to those little details. We only have time for the "important" things and rarely stop moving to just take in our surroundings. Moving from computer to the TV news, to HW to reading, to cooking, to shopping, we often don't take the time and just sit and look around. To explore. To wonder.
I noticed this one day as I took a break from writing a paper, and instead of switching to checking an email or taking a nap, I just sat on my couch and looked around. And I remembered what it was like as a kid to just sit in one place and just look around.
Even when we have a day off from work or school, we still don't stop and look around - even when their might be a religious normative message to do so. We often go from meal, to sleep, to errands, to readings and still keep ourselves busy by always doing something.
However, I think that this constant moving around takes its toll. Not only do we lose the details that for some reason provide those aesthetic beautiful memories, but we also lose the time for self reflection. We know so much about so many things in life, but we don't know a lot about ourselves. Besides the larger philosophical questions of who we are and where we are going, I think we must ask the smaller questions that pay attention to details-
What motivates us to do work?
What meals of the day make me feel more energized?
How productive am I each day? Each week?
What makes me mad? How can I be more patient?
What can I do differently?
Is what I did today the best way to have done it?
I think that we often take the first answer that comes into our minds. While these might be good answers, they may not include a more comprehensive list. We should really think and rethink and try to understand what it is that makes us tick; how we work and respond to different situations.
We must pay attention to our inner details and really try to "slow down," reflect, and relax.

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Michelle said...

Really liked this reflection. Glad you reminded me to check your blog. :)Ima