Monday, March 8, 2010


Have you ever noticed the different ways you listen to music?
I think it is interesting that when we listen to music it is hard to take in everything all at once. Yes we can "hear" all of it, but it is very hard to pay attention to all the details of the song. We can usually hear a song over and over again and pick up on small musical facets that we have never heard before.
Usually there is some harmony that I miss, or a chord that really hits home. Sometimes, I try to listen to the instruments to see if I can name them all, and often discover melodies and beats that were completely lost in the whole.
Moreover, I think music is something that we often underestimate. We often see it as a means for entertainment. However, we allocate much of our memory to lyrics and often find ourself humming tunes throughout the day.  I don't think this allocation is a waste of space. Rather I think these memories are capital that we use at later times to support and remember feelings that are not immediately available. The feelings that songs evoke remain with us and return to us whenever we hear those same songs.
Music is more than just some sounds. It is rather a complex collection of sounds that ultimately capture our attention over and over again and continually invoke memories and emotions. I think we too often underestimate its power and importance.

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