Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where's Waldo?

So I just got this great gift the other day. It was an all-in-one Where's Waldo book that had every Waldo book I've ever known. (Its Wally in England, אפי in Israel, and other names in other places)
I'm already done with two of the five books, but it got me thinking.

First, I began thinking about how busy the page is. There are so many things going on, I could look at the page for half an hour (sometimes longer) and still not take in every detail. I find that I particular like art that captivates your attention. Whether its through colors or detail, I tend to like art that I can spend a lot of time examining the details. Perhaps that why I like impressionism - specifically because the colors are not what you would expect them to be and the image still seems natural.

Second, I was thinking about puns. The clues in the back of the book often are puns relating to the pictures. For example, a flying ace was depicted as a biplane with a playing card (the Ace) in the drivers seat. Why is it that when depicted, puns are funnier than when they are spoken allowed? Why is it clever when represented in a physical form, but in the mental form it is not so amusing?

Think about it.