Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Recipes: Spice Rack

The other day, I was doing errands with my wife and we had to return some item to a store. We got some store credit for the merchandise and we were trying to figure out what we could buy with that money. After thinking about what we need, we concluded that we wanted to purchase a spice rack.

Before getting a spice rack, all of our spices took up about 3/5 of a shelf in the pantry. However, the shelves were about a foot tall, and as you know, the spices are about 4-5 inches each. Therefore, there was a lot of wasted space. If we were to stack the spices, then when you needed a spice from the bottom of the stack, they would all fall over and it would be a mess. Therefore, a spice rack was in order.

Then we saw that spice racks were selling for around $20. While this is not too expensive, we realized we could make a spice rack for a lot cheaper. Instead of using the in-store credit to buy the spice rack, we went out and spent $2.50 on hair-ties and then came home and attached the hair-ties to individual paperclips. Then we hung the paperclips over the endge of a hanger and nailed the hanger to the wall. Then we placed the necks of the spice bottles through the hair-ties. For the heavier glass spice bottles, we doubled/tripled up on hair-ties per paperclip. In the end, we made a cheap spice rack and saved about $17.5 in the process. (We used the in-store credit to buy a clock)

The purpose of this story is to challenge my readers to think about everyday situations and try to come up with solutions. Since the theme of this blog is: "what to think about", I am hoping to include sections entitled "Life Recipes" that contain "recipes"for everyday situations. Feel free to comment my solution to the current problem or offer an alternative solution to this "life" problem. How would you have made a spice rack that costs less than $20?

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Nathan said...

I really need a spice rack as well, since I have something like sixty bottles of different spices. Which, unfortunately, is too many for this solution.

But spice racks for sixty bottles don't exist, and 48-bottle ones are even more than twenty dollars.

What I need to do is make a drawer separator thing for a drawer and fill it with spices. And one day, this is likely what I'll do.