Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bed Bug Control

So one of the things that is on my mind in New York is Bed Bugs.

From the websites that are designed to scare you and make you purchase expensive anti-bedbug services, here are the more interesting "facts..."

- Bed Bugs can live up to a year without feeding.
- They don't live only in beds, they also can live in outlets, behind picture frames, anywhere really.
- Bed Bugs have been known to be around humans from early points in history, yet they are also known not to transmit blood diseases like other blood-sucking insects.
- Some Bed Bugs are resistant to common insecticides.

That last point is the main one. Since Bed Bugs are a pain to get rid of, homeowners dread getting this infestation. Moreover, since Bed Bugs can hitchhike on people as well as travel between living quarters, there is no way to be 100% protected from Bed Bugs.

Interestingly, one scientist posited that Bed Bugs are so rampant because they are benign. True they bite, and then make you itch and give you psychological fear, but they don't transmit disease. So what is the rush to find a more effective way to kill them? (Perhaps the tourist industry is reason enough, or at least interested in investing to find a viable solution)

So what do I think is a great solution? I think we should import something into our apartments/homes that is even more benign, that eats bed bugs, and is easy to get rid of. My theory is lizards. We all know that lizards eat bugs. So why not get two lizards, let them loose in our rooms, and then collect them at the end of a month or so. (This is not easy for me to imagine becuase I am not a fan of lizards, though I feel I can stomach them more than I would Bed Bugs.) But my premise still stands. Find something natural that eats bed bugs, and then later control for that animal.

Done. Problem solved... (Fine, maybe not solved, but at least entertained.)


Michelle said...

Your solution is fabulously creative. (And I am indeed astounded that YOU conceived of the lizard idea. If you ever had to employ it, you might need Jenn to remove the lizards). insert smiley face here :)

Nathan said...

What happens when the lizards lay eggs in hidden parts of your room and there's a lizard infestation?

Actually, that would be easy to solve too. We could bring in two larger things that eat lizards.

Until those two things start mating... I see a flaw with this system.

Nathan said...

Okay also your blog has the worst commenting system ever. It actually discourages me from commenting.

This isn't your fault - I blame blogspot. But can I suggest you switch to Disqus? I switched recently and I'm in love.

And the best part is it won't have this painful commenting process that you currently have.


More info at that link, including how to install.

J. Weiss said...

I was about to offer my lizard catching services, but I can see I'm too late. Thanks Aunt Michelle! :)

Hillel Konigsburg said...

Nathan, you remind me of The Simpson's episode called "Bart the Mother"

Anonymous said...

I am a reptile breeder. The Idea is stupid. Bed bugs will bite lizards too. Most small lizards you need to to the job wont eat them and the bigger ones are too big to wipe out the small parts of the infestation or places the bed bug travels within a home. Better start collecting those ugly centipedes

Anonymous said...

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WhatIfWeAllCared? said...

Actually, you use the lizards to control the bedbugs and closely document the progress. Also document the breeding of the lizards(including live webcams of babies) taking deposits on the babies for others plagued by bedbugs!!

WhatIfWeAllCared? said...

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