Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Apeal of Riddles

While I know riddles aren't for everyone, what is it about riddles that is appealing to the rest of us?

Self Competition
Is it that we challenge ourselves to solve the puzzle part of us thinking we can't and another part thinking we can? Perhaps our egos are large enough, or positive enough, to think that we can do it even if that means it will take a long while?

Maybe its that we want to be able to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. There was no obvious easy solution and after hard work, our thinking paid off. Similar to doing jigsaw puzzles: the only objective is to make sense of a lot of chaos and in the end you can step back and be glad that its over and that you saw yourself through the thick of things.

Know it All
I suppose some people like to just know the answer to everything. If there is a way to know something, some people will go out of their way to get that knowledge. Perhaps some part of us riddle lovers is that the answer is right around the corner, we just have to go and get it.

Future Reference
What good is a riddle if you can't gloat about solving it. Not only to the person who told you the riddle, but also the next person you plan to tell it to. A riddle is more fun when you remember it and can gloat about having solved it when you tell it to someone else. The thrill of solving a riddle is not over when it is solved, but exists when others try to solve it.

Something up your Sleeve?
Maybe riddles are fun when you know a bunch of them, and are able to tell them to others. Part of a party trick perhaps. You can keep people busy at a boring dinner, or entertained at an airport. Perhaps the fun in riddles is that it is better than thinking about nothing.

Self Proof
I think people also like to solve riddles because it proves to themselves that they can solve problems. Knowing that there is a logical answer to the problem, people want to demonstrate independence and show that they are able to figure things out correctly on their own.

What is it about riddles that keeps some of us so entertained? Conversely, why do people not like riddles?
Think about it.
P.S. : What are the next three letters in this pattern: o-t-t-f-f-s-s-e-n-t-e-t-t?

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