Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Secret Code (Revised)

(Thank you Nathan for your diligence) 

Ok, try this.
Embedded in this clever blog entry, you might find a very unique and secret code.
I would challenge you to persevere and continue to keep trying to crack it.
It is definitely something to think about.
I mean, the whole purpose of this blog is to give its readers many things to think about.
I am doing just that by making you spend the time and sit down to search this post for clues.
I have written an entry that really makes you have to spend some time trying to figure out the secret code.
However, I realize this entry then has little content of specific interest.
I still had a really fun time putting together this complicated riddle, and hiding great clues throughout this blog entry.
But let me know when you figure it out.
Just place a comment to this post with the answer and show others your brilliance.
And then they can stop wasting their precious time with silly codes like this.
And then there would be much rejoicing and celebrating over your great accomplishment today and you'll be forever happy.


Nathan said...

You spelled 'congratulations' wrong.

Hillel Konigsburg said...

so i did. so i did. congratulations on figuring it out anyways